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Monday thru Saturday


416 Main Street

P.O.Box 174 

Frisco, Colorado 80443

(970) 668-0606


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Hello from Colorado Special Tees - Your Mountain Home for Original T-Shirt Designs from Frisco, Colorado. elev.9097 ft. We are located at the foot of the massive Mount Royal on Main Street right next door to the Liqour Store, 2 doors down from the Bakery, and a stones throw from the Moosejaw, which makes us your one stop shopping spot for all your local and extreme tourism needs. Sorry, no Big-Box mass produced crap available here. We create all of our designs on site and do not distribute them to other stores. If you saw something in our window or have visited us before and would like something shipped we are just the guys for the job! Please contact us by Email sko@atrweb.net 

All of our Designs are Screen Printed Permanent by a skilled Colorado Craftsman. Stop by next time you are in town and check out our T-Shirt Emporium, celebrating 23 years in business! You will enjoy surround sound quality tunes while you browse our line of  Frisco Casual-Tees as well as some experimental off-beat humor T-Shirts. We are also the Home of Mountain Bear Wear, and carry a wide variety of Tie Dyes as well! Support your right to bare arms...wear more T Shirts!  

Please excuse our site which is under construction...visit our Facebook page!

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